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Hula Hooping has been a popular activity for many decades. It started in the 1950’s. Just recently people are learning of the health benefits of hula hoop exercises. Fun, engaging, and simple, hula hooping can be a great exercise for both children and adults.

Hula hooping makes our bodies feel great. We know this from when we picked up our first hula-hoop as a kid, and now, as adults, with large handcrafted hoops. Hooping to music or while standing out in a park or the back yard is fun, kid-like, blissful, and creative. Hooping invokes laughter and smiles, and it improves overall health. Just a few minutes a day provides some great exercise.

Hula hooping gently restores health and vitality of the body and mind.  Hula hooping promotes coordination and flexibility of our spine, it strengthens the core, and promotes the integral functional of our organs. Optimal health is nurtured through hooping. 

Hula hooping re-educates the body in conscious movement through: spiraling movements, sacral rocking, abdominal massage, and rhythmic movement. Spiraling, rocking, massage, and rhythm are primal motions of human life, beginning in the womb. Adopting these motions through playful exercise invigorates the body and stimulates self-healing. 

The relationship between the head and the spine is of utmost importance for posture, movement, and ergonomics. Hula hooping creates spiraling movements with the head and spine which aligns the vertebrae and promotes coordination of the body and mind. Hula hooping resembles natural movements in the womb. Order your hula hoop now. Get ready to smile and enjoy this simple yet invigorating past time activity!