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Hooping makes our bodies feel great. We know it instantly when we pick up our first hula-hoop as a kid, and when we rediscover hooping with large handcrafted hoops as an adult. Spinning the hoop around our body and dancing with the hoop to music is fun, sensual, blissful, and creative. Hooping invokes laughter and smiles, and it improves health. 
Hooping gently restores health and vitality through playful exploration of breath, movement, and awareness. Movement and breath coordinate to nurture the flexibility of our spine, strengthen the core musculature of the torso, and promote the integral functional of our organs. Optimal health is nurtured through hooping. 
Movement is consciousness. The brain formulates a thought and sends that information via the nervous system through the body, where movement takes place. When the skin, the largest sense organ in the body, perceives touch, it transmits that information to the brain. There is no separation between mind and body, spirit and form. They are a continuum of the spiral of life. 
Hooping re-educates the body in conscious movement through: spiraling movements, sacral rocking, abdominal massage, and rhythmic movement. Spiraling, rocking, massage, and rhythm are primal motions of human life, beginning in the womb. Adopting these motions through playful exercise invigorates the body and stimulates self-healing. 
Scotty "H"